• Client intake and conflict checks (Se Habla Espanol)
  • Case analysis and status reports
  • Legal and investigative research
  • Preparation of pleadings and judicial council forms (Complaints, Answers, Demurrers, Motions, Stipulations, etc.)
  • Correspondence to clients, opposing counsel, court personnel, etc. 
  • Propounding and responding to Discovery (including communicating with clients to obtain responses and documents for production) 
  • E-Discovery
  • Document management and electronic compilation and organization of documents for exhibits and document productions (including indexing and Bates Stamping) ​
  • ​Chronologies and timelines
  • Table of Contents and Table of Authorities
  • Preparation of Subpoenas and Notices to Consumer
  • ​Damage calculations
  • Preparation of demand letters and settlement packages
  • Trial and mediation preparation
  • Medical record and deposition summaries 
  • E-Filing (State and Federal) 
  • Coordination and management of domestic and international service of process  

Turnaround time

Our clients have the option to create a profile under our secure login, where assignment requests may be submitted and tracked through our virtual inbox. Alternatively, assignments can be requested and transmitted by email, fax or telephone. We will complete the assignment per your request and return the documents via your preferred method of transmittal. 

For more information on working with virtual staff, please review our FAQ page

We offer substantive paralegal services from case inception through trial, including but not limited to: 

​Despite not being physically located inside your office, we are equipped to seamlessly assist with all aspects of your practice via telephone, fax, email, Skype, etc. using our own equipment and software.

All of our attorney clients are pleasantly surprised with the ease and efficiency of working with a legal support professional based at an offsite location.  

assigning  a project or task

how it works

Turnaround time depends on the task assigned, but most tasks are completed within 24 hours. Please specify any deadlines or other factors we should consider when you submit your assignment request. We prefer to be given advance warning of any upcoming time-sensitive projects but as we understand the nature of the legal business, last-minute assignments are not turned away and are not billed at a higher rate.​ ​

Peachtree Paralegals are savvy, reliable and trustworthy legal professionals, each with over 10 years of experience.  All of our paralegals comply with California BPC §6450 and are required to show proof of their fulfillment of mandatory continuing education. Our paralegals have thorough knowledge of filing procedures and rules in both State and Federal courts. 

All work performed by your virtual paralegal is billable to your client at your agreed upon rate, thereby generating a significant profit for your firm.