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Peachtree Legal Support was founded by Jessica Hawley, a certified paralegal and licensed and bonded legal document preparer. Since entering the legal profession over 12 years ago, Ms. Hawley has worked in a variety of firms in Florida and California, gaining experience in multiple areas of law while working her way up the ladder in most, if not all support positions within a law firm.

In addition to honing her paralegal skills while working with some of the highest-ranking attorneys in Florida and California, Ms. Hawley gained firsthand experience in law office management. She became proficient in recognizing, implementing and fine-tuning strategies and procedures that enable law practices to manage heavy caseloads, efficiently delegate work to support personnel and increase profits while enjoying sustainable and manageable growth.

Ms. Hawley formed Peachtree Legal Support after noticing a gap in the market for a multi-faceted, on-demand legal support provider that delivers exceptional work product on an as-needed basis without costing attorneys unnecessary time and money. Ms. Hawley has assisted more than 50 attorneys save time, cut costs and maximize billable hours and is proud to have assembled a top-notch team who excels in providing the highest quality of on-demand legal support to attorneys throughout the United States. 

In her personal time, Ms. Hawley is actively involved in her community and dedicates her time to multiple organizations.

Currently Providing Support in the following areas: 

After performing a thorough audit and analysis of your current setup and identifying what's working and what isn't, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations to increase functionality in your office. We can also provide training to you and your staff on new software and office procedures. Read more

Not enough time to screen potential new clients? Our team will complete your client intakes with the perfect mix of compassion and professionalism, giving an unparalleled first impression of your firm. We can also assist with scheduling new client meetings and manage the entire onboarding process. 

Our bilingual staff speaks Spanish and French. ​​Read more


Peachtree Legal Support's Virtual Paralegal Dream Team™ provides custom-tailored legal support to solo practitioners and small-to-medium sized firms. We assist with all aspects of practice management and work in multiple areas of law. 

Our expansive and comprehensive legal service menu has been carefully designed with the modern-day attorney in mind. Our mission is to alleviate the stress of overburdened attorneys and understaffed firms while saving time, cutting costs and maximizing billable hours.  

Having our team on-call is the advantageous and intelligent solution that enables our attorney clients to enjoy a desirable and healthy work-life balance while taking their practice to the next level. Our support truly enables our attorneys to work smarter, not harder.

Our legal marketing professionals can assist with social media management, website creation and maintenance, blog/article writing, newsletter creation and execution, brochures, postcards, holiday cards, client gifts, and much more. Read more

Our highly knowledgeable and qualified paralegals provide substantive paralegal services in many areas of law. Our most popular services include drafting complaints, answers, motions, declarations, stipulations and demand letters, preparing and responding to discovery, legal research, exhibit management and client coordination. Our paralegals have thorough knowledge of filing procedures and rules in both State and Federal courts. Read more

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We utilize state of the art equipment to convert your paper files into easily accessible, fully searchable digital files. Every document we scan is fully optimized with optimal character recognition (OCR), which enables you to key word search your documents to find exactly what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. Read more

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Although we are a California-based company, we are able to offer our services to attorneys throughout the entire United States. We utilize modern technology to seamlessly support our attorneys as though we are in the next room. Our attorneys are thrilled (and pleasantly surprised) at the ease and efficiency of working with a virtual team. Further, because we are not employees, our attorneys have no obligation to provide insurance, training, office space or equipment, nor are they on the hook to pay us for idle time, sick time or vacation time!


Our legal administrative support services encompass all aspects of clerical support and office management. We are your receptionist, legal secretary, virtual assistant and office manager all rolled into one, ready and available to assist when needed. Our administrative support specialists are highly trained in law office procedures, customer service and clerical tasks.  Read more 

Peachtree Legal Support is not a law firm and cannot give legal advice. We do not provide the legal support services listed on this website to the general public. All legal support services described herein are performed under the direct supervision of our licensed attorney clients. 

If you are a member of the general public seeking assistance with legal document preparation in an uncontested, self-represented legal matter,

please click here to visit Peachtree Doc Prep, our legal document preparation service that works exclusively with members of the general public.


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