In addition to the services listed on this page, we also offer assessment, recommendation and implementation of clerical and case management systems. Due to our vast experience working with a great number of law firms of all sizes, we have a wide knowledge of software and case management systems and can recommend and help set up new software and provide training for you and your staff. 

Legal Administrative Support & Law Office Management 

Our legal administrative support services encompass all aspects of clerical support and office management.

We are your receptionist, legal secretary, virtual assistant and office manager all rolled into one, ready and available to assist when needed. Our administrative support specialists are highly trained in office procedures, customer service and clerical tasks. They possess exceptional telephone and email etiquette and are conscientious, trustworthy and accountable. 


  • Live call answering and voicemail service
  • Incoming mail organization and distribution
  • Drafting correspondence and managing client communications 
  • Calculating and calendaring deadlines
  • Scheduling meetings, hearings, mediations and depositions (including travel arrangements and vendor coordination)
  • Coordination of teleconferences, web and videoconferences
  • Email management
  • Transcription, word processing, proofreading and editing
  • Digital document and file organization 
  • ​Project management ​ 
  • Attorney/client billing 
  • Supply ordering and inventory management
  • Employee recruitment (job ad posting, resume screening, interviews and reference checking)
  • Employee handbooks​ and welcome packages
  • Attorney Resume/CV preparation
  • MCLE management